What do we achieve at scanning your facilities…

Generate a realistic 3D model of your facilities, the scan is a photogrammetry, which means is a combination of true photos of the area combine with laser scanning of measurements from point of measurements to the surroundings, this allows to generate an interconnected points cloud from which you can observe and analisis the surrounding on the facilities as they are.

Interior and exterior Scans

We are capable of scanning a conbination of interior and exterior scans to generate a full model of your facilities. The points clouds are interconnected allowing complete views of the facilities simplifying any modification needed to plan.

Request a Budget for your scan filling the form below after watching the video

Ej. Laser Scan and points cloud

Do you like to receipt an estimate budget to scan your facilities?

With just a few data we can email you an estimated budget to scan, modeling and process a point cloud for your facilities, simply fill out the form below and we immediately send it to your email address, the minimum area to scan for a service is 17222 sq. feet, if your facility area is less than this, use this value to quote the service: